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English for Specific Purposes

Business English : Business English training offered to Corporate and Government employees based on specific needs. Emphasis on correctness, propriety and forms of business correspondence. Training offered to remove accents to speak in neutral English and improve presentations and communication.

Translation, transcription and any specific English need services offered to corporations and governments on hourly or retainership remuneration. Please contact us for more details.

English Classes

1. TESOL certified teachers 

  • All our teachers are TESOL certified, which means that they are not only qualified but also trained. They are culturally sensitive, polite and respectful. They understand the various needs of the learner and know how to address the specific needs of the learner. You will never hear, “I don’t know” from our teachers! They can answer all your questions about English.

2. Schedule 

  • Program 1 = 1 hour each MTWTh. You choose the time and we set it up with your teacher.  Homework and practice work is included.  Contact us for price details & sign up for a month or a quarter.

  • Program 2 = 1 hour for 2 days a week, either MW or TTh.  You choose the time and we set it up with a teacher.  Homework and practice work is included.  Contact us for price details & sign up for a month.

  • Program 3 = Learn conversational idioms every day for 1 month.  Contact us for price details.

3. Modules

  •  The classes are comprehensive.  We teach grammar, listening / speaking, writing / vocabulary, and communicative lessons.

  • Classes can be private (1 teacher per 1 student) or semi-private (1 teacher per 2 students) or the online subscription (Program 3).

  • Join with a friend, because it's fun to learn together!

  • We use Zoom to teach. You can see us and we can see you while learning English.

  • We will send you materials and homework for learning English.

Heading 1

4.  Process

  • First, contact us to get started. 

  • We will connect via email to answer your questions.

  • After you decide which program to join, let us know and we will send you an invoice.

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